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MCS Mont Cierra Solution 天然蚕丝补水面膜
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  • 保湿 
  • 补水  
  • 不粘腻  
  • 提亮  
  • 美白
  • 减少皱纹  
  • 延缓皮肤老化  
  • 皮肤弹性

MCS 天然蚕丝补水面膜

  • 锁水持久高达150%,有效深层保湿肌肤,达到2倍美白功效哦!
  • 柑橘果皮萃取物: 含有美白提亮肌肤表面功效
  • 具有很强的抗氧化活性
  • 抗胶原酶:维持健康肌肤
  • 抗弹性蛋白酶:一种可以保持皮肤弹性的蛋白酶。适合应对皮肤老化
  • 含有强大的聚谷氨酸水凝胶成分:皮肤中的天然保湿因子(NMF)。适合皮肤干燥者
  • 改善皮肤弹性:减少皱纹和延缓皮肤老化
  • 丙烯酸酯共聚物:改变精华液的粘度,不会产生粘腻感
  • 很薄,很透:涂在脸上时温和舒适
  • 贴近肌肤纹理,更好吸收

1. 敷面膜前,应先卸妆、洗脸,必要时也可先去角质,以便皮肤更好的吸收面膜养分。
2. 洗完脸后,可先用热毛巾湿敷在脸部3分钟,然后在脸部各处按摩3至5分钟,提升敷脸的效果。
3. 打开並將絲綢面膜放在剛洗過的脸上。敷面膜时,可以輕輕按推以確保 面膜在 眼睛、鼻子和嘴巴周圍完全服帖。
4. 面膜敷约 10至15 分钟后,摘下面膜并抹掉多余的水分,再以冷毛巾敷面片刻,以促使毛孔收缩,最后涂上润肤化妆品。


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MCS Mont Cierra Solution Silk Mask

  • Lock up to 150% moisture in skin, effectively deeply moisturizes the skin, and achieves twice the whitening effect!
  • Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Peel Extract: Whitening and Brightening the skin surface
  • Possesses strong antioxidant acticity
  • Anti-Collagenase: Maintain healthy skin
  • Anti-Elastase: A proteinase enzyme that can maintain skin elasticity. Suitable for dealing with skin aging
  • Contain powerful ingredients of Sodium Polyglutamate Crosspolymer: Super Moisturizing Factor(NMF) in the -skin. Suitable for dry skin
  • Improve skin elasticity: Reduce Wrinkles and Delays skin Aging
  • Acrylates Copolymer: Modify the viscosity of the serum without causing stickiness
  • Very thin and transparent: gentle and comfortable when you apply it on the face
  • Close to your skin texture for better absorption


Product Highlight 

  • Skin Hydrating
  • Skin Moisturizing
  • Non Sticky
  • Brightening
  • Whitening
  • Reduce Wrinkles
  • Delay skin aging
  • Skin Elasticity

How To Use
1. Before applying the mask, you should remove makeups, wash your face, use Scrub and Exfoliate if necessary , so that the skin can have better absorb of nutrients in the mask.
2. After washing your face, you can first cover the face with a warm & wet towel for 3 minutes, and then massage all over the face for 3 to 5 minutes to improve the effectiveness.
3. Unfold the silk mask and apply on the freshly washed face. Press gently to ensure that the mask position fits completely around the eyes, nose and mouth when applying the mask.
4. Remove the mask and wipe off excess water after 15 to 20 minutes. Then, apply a cold towel on the face for a while to promote minimise the pores, and apply moisturizing cosmetics.  


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